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Teleperformance Göteborg, Göteborg av Yvonne (2017-02-15)

Man jobbar till 23, lönen man får ut om man ex är under 24 är skrattretande för de över 24 så är det okej. Men det är inte bra.
Mac Donald's anställda får ut mer om de bara jobbar måndag till söndag dagspass eller kvällar fram till 23.

Arbetsmiljön är den sämsta.

Kollegorna är trevliga men det man pratar om på rasterna är att man inte vill vara där, hur dåligt allt är.

Ledningen är barn alltså unga människor som inte har någon utbildning i hur man är en ledare. Det är som att de är översittare som tar tillfälle i akt till att bossa runt.

Är inget jobb som jag rekommenderar i det långa loppet.
Folk slutar ganska så direkt eller ger det 1 - 3 månader. Det är nya ansikten hela tiden.

Manpower + uniflex har hand om provanställning som är på 6mnd.
Av 30 pers så är det 1 som blir anställd. De hittar argument som är felaktiga anledningar som då också blir orsaken till att du inte får tillsvidare anställning.

Tex om du är sjuk 3 ggr så behöver du läkarintyg till nästa sjuktollfälle.

Rekommendera inte denna arbetsplats till någon.

  Dåligt Neutralt Bra
Lön 0
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Ledning 0
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Teleperformance Göteborg, Göteborg av clk320coupe (2014-11-22)

really really bad working place.
Very very stressful environment.
To punish the workers removed every plate, fork/knife, spoons because some do not know how to clean up after themselves.
Working as an agent TP expect you work as cleaner cleaning up but the individual leadership for the diff teams refuse to take the responsibility for their own workers who has problems how to clean up after themselves, instead they punish he whole site like that.
(that is only the dishes this says everything about the work place)
your lucky if you can find a clean toilet, if you can find toilet paper good luck.

Toilets that has been totally soiled gets locked up instead and stay with soiled crap in it for months nobody take responsibility, that is just the toilets.

Leadership has no respect for their workers, 98% are teenagers from parts of different countries their 1 job, 5% stay at TP if their lucky, meaning IF they can find a leader who they can lick behind no matter skills this place Is all about like absolutely nothing else. At TP you do NOT work your way up, that is impossible, if they do not like you they will just ask you if you have Intyg of any kind if you don't they kick you with an instant.

TP has Unionen so far up their behinds they go hand in hand. Unionen tells lies to the new hires their first job YOU HAVE to be member of Unionen to be able to join A-Kassen. They harvest new hires money tricking them stealing from them.

Working for TP 10 years does nothing if you do not follow their insane ways.

To climb within TP you need get inside their little closed circle, and then you might be lucky to advance if you know somebody in the closed circle you can become friends with, if not there is no future for you at TP.

TP Goteborg treat their workers incredible disrespectful , at a workday 8-17.00 they expect you are ready at 08.00 on the phone and ready to pick calls, before that you do not know what to expect when you get to work, your work desk might have been moved NO notification, your chair might have gone missing, your headset stolen TP make you 100% responsible of their tools, if lost you have to pay for it, TP force you to sign papers you are responsible, if you refuse they call you to meeting among the leadership and your told you act badly but expect you are at work 7.00 to clean up other peoples mess before you are able to sit down log in and be ready to take calls you need be at work min 40 min before your salary hours start.
they force you work on a Friday to 19.00 to then again start work Saturday at 10.00 but again you are supposed to be at work min 40 min before work to clean up as you never know what to expect.

Lunch time you are to bring your own dishes, your own fork / knifes spoon cups what ever you need to survive the day TP offers absolutely nothing.

the leadership consist of very very young people who has absolutely no skills who are Team leaders for 7-10 diff teams all at one time thus you never seen they only concentrate on their favourites. Saving TP for going to the ground you do not even receive a thank you, a clap on the shoulder if they don't like you the best thing to do move on and move on very quickly.

My time at TP I seen 3 Teamleaders stopped working due stress "Still sick stress after 5 years"
as they behaved as a real Teamleader is supposed to (Care for their employees)
Teleperformance is not a work place who appreciate you, your skills and effort.
Teleperformance is a pass though working place. Work and move on as fast as possible.

Co workers great people, but a lot of talk behind the curtains each and everyone complain on their brakes about this workplace. If you try to make things better by informing Teleperformance leadership the negative sides that need improvements you are stamped as negative person who negatively affect all others, thus workers go very quietly with their opinions, so main topic during brake and lunch always concern the work invoiorment, the leadership and treatment of us workers.
Teleperformance Goteborg reminds of how workers had it during 1 world war. You stay silent with your opinion no matter the gratitude or loose your job. All workers are scared and afraid to say their opinions when it matters. Instead we use each other, places like this to get it out and getting heard.
Sadley Teleperformance NEVER learn form their mistakes and NEVER improve at all, absolutely no improvements during 10 years nothing has been changed, this says a lot about TP.

you climb within TP if you know somebody who likes you very very much else no change no matter your skills you are stuck where you sit.
Where we come from such kind of treatment this company would be closed down by the government with a blink of an eye, thus they Put TP in Sweden to work around the laws in other countries, pure sense these jobs does not exsist in Denmark, Norway or Finland technical support that demands highly skills and knowledge workers are hired as Agents instead TP is then able to pay a smaller salary than as pr law in other countries with having the unionen in their pockets, vise versa 

  Dåligt Neutralt Bra
Lön 3
Möjlighet till utveckling 0
Ledning 0
Möjlighet att påverka 0
Arbetsmiljö 1
Medarbetare/stämning 2
Rekommenderas? 1

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