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thevoid skrev:

Once upon a time, this company was owned by the government. When it got privatized they made the huge error of keeping the bosses. These bosses do not know a shit about business but they want to keep their well-payed jobs.

They have lost several millions just because of this.

Tillbaka till Intertek Semko


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sven200 (2011-04-04 12:59)

The company must be pleased to get rid of you. Your history tells that you did not learn too much of the company neither of the past nor of the future so good luck.

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wazzp (2011-04-05 08:24)

Exakt sådär nedlåtande lät alltid cheferna mot de anställda. Tack sven200 för demonstrationen!

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deargregg (2011-04-05 10:13)

Kommentaren har tagits bort eftersom Jobinsides regler ej har efterlevts.

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